A privacy-focused customer loyalty network.

Discount Network

What is this?

Discount Network is a unique concept that enables companies to offer a privacy-focused savings network for customers and businesses.

SaaS monetization

It's a business-in-a-box solution to give small and medium businesses without any app or hardware requirements a savings opportunity. The starting point is that both customers and businesses can use the system free of charge. If companies want to change the standard rules or add staff, they have to buy a premium account.


Businesses do not have access to customers' personal data. This can seem counterproductive for marketing purposes, but it's the most responsible thing to do for customers.

We have given this a lot of thought and although the product is still at an early stage, there are too many complications when handing over personal data such as names and email addresses to companies that have not been verified. Case law on personal data is growing and it is everyone's responsibility to handle it with care.

And it is a great selling point at the same time.

What is the target group?

We strongly advise you to only buy this script if you understand what you are buying. Technical knowledge is required. We sell a lot of experience and time for a low price, which means that support is limited to bugs.

Make sure you understand the hosting requirements. You get the full source code, so you can modify every part of it. No technical consultancy is included in the price, but customization for companies is possible on the basis of a project agreement.

Discount Network